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Shopping for Triathletes can be difficult. Triathlon gifts are great for birthdays, holidays, or just a present for a successful completion of a triathlon. Given the wide variety of disciplines in the sport it can be hard to narrow down what is exactly needed for that special Triathlete in your life. Fortunately, there are a few essentials that every triathlete needs and should be on your gift list.

How to Buy a Gift for a Triathlete

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a triathlete if you’re unfamiliar with the sport or you don’t know what gear they already have. In general I would suggest not buying a large gift (such as a watch or wetsuit) unless it’s specifically asked for. The reason for this is that these items tend to be very personal and can be very specific to a triathletes.

What Gifts Do You Give a Triathlete

The best gifts for triathletes are things they use often and need to replace often. Consumable products (such as body slide, gels, etc) are great purchases since they will need these eventually. Other items that tend to wear out quickly for triathletes are things like socks, water bottles, goggles, and towels. These items are critical but are often afterthoughts for most triathletes. You can’t imagine how many dingy water bottles and towels I see at races!

With all that being said, this list contains a good mix of products that most triathletes need or will need in there future.

Inexpensive Triathlete Gifts Under $25

Triathlon Coffee Mug – $13.95

Triathletes love coffee and tea. A coffee mug is an inexpensive and fun gift for your triathlete and will help keep them caffeinated durin those early morning training sessions!

Body Glide – $9.99

Most triathletes experience chafing and most have invested in a bottle of Body Glide or something similar. Your triathlete will probably need this stuff at some point so why not make sure they are stocked up?

Race Belt – $12.99

Race belts are worn during races, primarily during the run section but sometimes during the bike as well. You know what that means? They get sweaty, dirty, and smelly. If your triathlete does multiple races each year they are likely going to need a new race belt sooner than later. If they don’t have one they will wonder how they lived without one before. Every race director and coach advises getting a race belt to store liquids and gels, display your race bib, and make your transition super speedy!

Water Bottles – No products found.

No products found.

Triathletes always use multiple water bottles… bottles for the bike, bottles for the run, fresh water to rinse off after the swim – a triathlete can never have too many water bottles. Getting your triathlete a new and clean water bottle will always be appreciated and will get plenty of use.

Triathlon Socks – $15.00

Your triathlete puts thousands of of running and cycling miles in their socks every year. They easily wear out, fade, and become torn. Buying new socks will always be appreciated and the best ones out there are Balega. Balegas are one of the most popular socks for triathletes and are sure to keep your triathlete’s feet dry and comfortable during those races and long training sessions. You can also view other top triathlon socks here.

Foam Roller – $20.00

Foam rollers provide essential muscle recovery after a hard swim, bike, or run. If your triathlete does not have a foam roller they make the perfect gift!

Swim Goggles – $19.03

Nothing beats a fresh pair of swim goggles. Goggles are a very personal item and most triathletes have a specific preference for type and fit. So if you are buying a pair of goggles its best to do some research and find what they are currently using. If you’re starting fresh or are unsure, the Speedo Vanquisher are one of the most popular goggles available. You can also check out the Best Goggles for Triathletes.

Anti-Fog for Goggles – $11.72

Buying your triathlete some ‘spit’ may sound gross, but its a great gift and product to for the person who deals with foggy goggles during the swim. Most goggles come with some sort of anti-fog but it fades over time with use. Anti-fog spray before each swim helps to eliminate fog and helps the swimmer see more clearly, which is super important during open water swims.

Swim Paddles- Price not available

If your triathlete needs help with their swimming, paddle boards are a must have. Swimmers wear these to help build arm and should strength.

Pull Buoys – $13.16

Swimmers use pull buoys to help keep their legs afloat while not kicking, focusing all of their effort on arms (aka pulling). They are a great companion to the swim paddles above.

Bike Repair Kit – $7.99

Every cyclist should have a repair kit on their bike, and if your triathlete does not have one, or has an old one, they need this ASAP!

Microfiber Towel- $11.99

A microfiber towel has multiple uses for a triathlete. They can use it as a mat for their transition items, use it to dry off after the swim, wash up after the bike, or even use it in training after swimming. If your triathlete is using an old or dingy towel a nice microfiber towel is the perfect gift!

Lock Laces No Tie Shoe Laces – $8.99

Classify this as ‘things you never thought you would need’. No tie shoe laces are an easy way to tighten your running shoes during transition. Lock Laces has almost 25k reviews on so they are the best option and a great gift!

Triathlete Gifts Under $50

Subscription to Triathlete Magazine – $34.95

A magazine subscription is a great and often overlooked present for the triathlete in your life. “triathlete” is the most popular magazines out there and is a great guide that includes training, nutrition, and gear advice. A subscription is something any triathlete would find helpful and will get plenty of use in the months leading up to the big race!

Gu Energy Gel – $32.97

Most triathletes competing in an Olympic Tri or longer use some form of energy in the form of a gel or bar. The most popular gel is Gu. Most triathletes have a strong preference for the flavor, so if you don’t know which one to buy the variety pack is a good option.

Expensive Triathlete Gifts Over $100

Shiatsu Foot Massager – $129.99

Triathletes spend A LOT of time on their feet. Between running, biking, and swimming… a solid foot massage can be heavenly for a triathlete. This top rated foot massage has 3 modes and an option heating feature.

Triathlon Watch – $269.99

Triathlon watches are no joke. They provide accurate times, training routines, and important metrics such as heart rate. Finding the right watch for your triathlete can be challenging, but the best triathlon watch is the Garmin Forerunner 935. Yes its expensive, but you cant go wrong with this watch. This makes a great ‘big’ gift for your favorite triathlete.

Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit (womens) – $199.95
Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit (mens) – Price not available

One of the top rates wetsuits is the Synergy sleeveless wetsuit for men and women. If you’re looking to buy this as a gift it’s important to get the proper measurements since fit is very important. The 5/3mm thickness provides a good amount of warmth and buoyancy making it perfect for triathlons and Ironmans.

If you’re interested in other wetsuits, check out our top 5 triathlon wetsuits.

Triathlon Gifts for Women

2XU Women’s Mid-rise Compression Tights – No products found.

No products found.

Compression tights make a great gift for the female triathlete in your life. They can be worn while working out and lounging around the house. Even if your triathlete already owns a pair, it never hurts to have a backup. You really cant long with these tights. One of the most popular brands is 2XU and it has great reviews on Amazon.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag – Price not available

Triathletes have a lot of gear. Women usually have some extra clothing and gear, so a solid bag is a great gift option. Whether heading to the pool, the track, or to the race, triathlons always need more bags to carry their stuff. One of the best bags out there is the Speedo Deluxe Ventilator and it comes in so many different colors you can find the perfect one to go with the rest of your triathlete’s gear.

Ironman Triathlon Gifts

Once an Ironman always an Ironman. Completing an Ironman race is a big deal and many triathletes are very proud of their accomplishment. Buying an Ironman specific gift is a great way to get something they will love and be proud of!

Ironman Leather Necklace – $24.99

An Ironman necklace display the total distance traveled during the race (140.6) makes an excellent gift for any triathete who has completed an Ironman.

Ironman Decal Sticker – $2.99

Display your triathletes achievement on the car or truck with this super affordable Ironman decal sticker.

Christmas Triathlon Gifts

Buying Christmas and holiday gifts for triathletes can be easy! Most triathletes start their training early in the year, so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on the essentials. But if you’re feeling more in the holiday spirit, there are specific holiday presents that your triathlete will love!

Triathlon Christmas Tree Ornament – $14.99

Amazon has a bunch of really cute tree ornaments for triathletes, and the Santa hat triathlon ornament is one of the most popular and highly rates. Great gift for Christmas!

Triathlon Ugly Sweater – $36.22

Yes. There is an ugly holiday sweater for triathletes. You can show your triathlon pride and get in the holiday spirit with this awesome ugly Christmas sweater!

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