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Nuun Product Comparison Chart

by Joe Obringer

Nuun is a hydration and electrolyte product that helps to maintain hydration and increase endurance for casual and professional athletes. Over the past few years Nuun has expanded their product line to include different types of tablets specifically for sports, immunity, rest, vitamin, and energy. The nutrients and ingredients obviously vary by product so you can find the comparison table below.

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Nuun Sport
Nuun Immunity
Nuun Rest
Nuun Vitamins
Nuun Energy
Sugar1G (1%)2G (4%)1G (1%)2G (4%)2G (4%)
Zinc5MG (45%)
Vitamin A450MG (50%)112MG (13%)
Vitamin B60.25MG (15%)2.55MG (150%)
Vitamin B1210MG (417%)
Vitamin C200MG (222%)10MG (11%)
Vitamin D10MG (50%)5MG (25%)
Vitamin E3MG (20%)2MG (13%)
Folic Acid136 MG (34%)
Sodium300MG (14%)100MG (4%)100MG (4%)100MG (4%)100MG (4%)
Potassium150MG (3%)150MG (3%)100MG (2%)150MG (3%)200MG (4%)
Magnesium25MG (6%)15MG (4%)300MG (72%)15MG (4%)15MG (4%)
Calcium13MG (1%)15MG (1%)15MG (1%)15MG (1%)
Selenium 20MG (36%)

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