7 Best Socks for Triathlons – 2021 In Depth Guide

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Socks are essential for the running leg and a must for the cycling leg of the triathlon. With the right material, fit, and cushion you can avoid the dreaded blister and keep your feet cool and dry in the worst conditions.

TriNewbies has compiled a list of the 7 best triathlon socks depending on your preference and cost considerations.

 Triathlon SockImageBest FeaturePrice
1Balega Hidden Comfort SocksBest Overall Triathlon Sock$15.00
2 Feetures High Performance Cushion Best Cushion Triathlon Sock$12.99
3Swiftwick- ASPIRE ZEROBest Moisture Wicking Triathlon Sock$14.99
4Injinji Run LightweightBest Toe Socks for Triathlons$13.00
5Drymax R-GearBest Breathable Socks for Triathlons$32.99
6Balega Blister ResistBest Socks for Preventing Blisters$16.00
7Smartwool PhD Run Cold Weather (Womens)Best Cold Weather Triathlon Socks$21.95

1. Best Overall Triathlon Sock – Balega Hidden Comfort Socks ($15.00)

The best overall pick for triathlon sock is the Balega Comfort Socks. They feature the Drynamix to help wick moisture and keep feet dry, as well as mesh ventilation that helps keep feet dry and cool.

2. Best Cushion Triathlon Sock – Feetures High Performance Cushion ($12.99)

The Feetures socks feature a 79% Polyester and 18% nylon blend that provides high density cushion during high impact areas. These socks also feature bands of Lycra which provide additional support and comfort.

3. Best Moisture Wicking Triathlon Sock – Swiftwick- ASPIRE ZERO ($14.99)

The Swiftwick Aspire Zero is one of the best moisture wicking triathlon socks due to due to its signature Olefin fiber which also dries quickly. The sock also has a comfortable compression that helps supports muscles and reduces fatigue.

4. Best Toe Socks for Triathlons – Injinji Run Lightweight ($13.00)

Toe socks are great for preventing blisters and rubbing between the toes. Thankfully there are many different toe socks on the market that would work best for triathlons. The best toe shock for triathlons is the Injinji Run Lightweight. In addition to the patented five toe design, the socks also provide moisture wicking material.

5. Best Breathable Socks for Triathlons – Drymax R-Gear ($32.99)

The Drymax R-Gear features 73% DRYMAX technology which features dual layer moisture wicking knit fabric to keep your feet dry in the rain and wet conditions. They claim to keep your feet up to 25x drier than any other sock.

6. Best Socks for Preventing Blisters – Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks ($16.00)

The socks features a seamless toe box that helps reduce friction to prevent blisters. They also contain Balega’s Drynamix materials which helps wick moisture and keeps your feet dry, which is very important for presenting blisters.

7. Best Cold Weather Triathlon Socks – Smartwool PhD Run Cold Weather ($21.95) (Womens)

Smartwood is a leader in the performance wool industry and the PhD sock is the best cold weather triathlon sock on our list. The sock is made up of 56% wool and 41% nylon which makes it warm enough for cold winter runs. The sock is also lightweight and breathable, so it will fit comfortably in your running and cycling shoe and not make your feet sweat.

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