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The Advantages of Trigger Point Technology
Cassidy Phillips

Trigger Point Technologies ( is a company that is Empowering people to take control of their athletic destiny.

Typically, athletes that suffer from Plantar Fascitis, IT Band Syndrome, Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain, and Shin Splints take time off from doing what they love only to find that once they start training again the pain is still there. That is why Trigger Point Technologies decided it was time to put the power of therapy into the individual’s hands.

“It is my goal to educate people to understand the difference between a problem and a symptom. I want you to take an active part in your recovery. It’s hard to find the time and money to get some form of therapy twice a week. But, as an athlete, this is what you should be doing at a minimum”, says Cassidy Phillips, owner and founder.

Trigger Point Technologies has revolutionized personal therapy by providing Seven Days of Treatment for Seven Days of Training. The TP Massage Ball, FootBaller and QuadBaller mirror the feeling of an actual human hand. Along with these effective and easy-to-use products, TPT educates with a DVD that shows you how to use the products in motion as well as proper biomechanics to prevent and treat injuries. Their website goes into greater detail about specific injuries.

 “The products were created so that I could take care of myself. Years ago, I was told that I had a dysfunction called Fybromyalgia. I have been doing triathlons since I was 10 years old. The two didn’t mix very well. I tried everything under the sun to remedy the situation. There were things along the way that would work for a day or so but nothing would last for any length of time. It was then that I realized not only did I need to understand what was going on with my body, but I also needed treatment on an everyday basis. This is why our products mirror the feeling of a human hand. If massage works so well then why not have therapy everyday?  So that’s what I created…your own personal massage therapist that you can carry around and use anytime, anywhere.”

Here is a taste of their education:

Plantar Fascitis

What is it?  A debilitating injury felt in the bottom of the foot, heel, and arch.

“Typical” remedy:  Roll ice on the bottom of the foot and take time off.

Success:  rare

What is actually causing it?  The Posterior Tibialis (lower calf/soleus area) attaches in the arch. With every step you take, you loose muscular elasticity in the lower calf area. This is where you get your power. It is what allows you to push off your toes when you run and drop your heel on the bike. Once you have a muscle spasm in the Posterior Tibialis, it will then pull on the insertion in the bottom of your foot, hence the SYMPTOM…Plantar Fasciitis.

How to treat it?  Roll your lower calf/soleus by using the FootBaller along with the Baller Block. Roll very slowly for 3 to 5 minutes before and after a workout. You must relax your foot and take a deep breath for it to work properly.


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