Sticky Roll call - Who are you? newbies/lurkers play along
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Subject: RE: Roll call - Who are you? newbies/lurkers play along

Location: New Preston CT

Joe_H - 2008-08-26 5:27 PM 1) name? 2) where are you? 3) what are you? a runner/fishie/roadie scum/trigeek/ OR total newbie?


Tom Wilkas, Vermont currently but live in New Preston CT (if that fn creep craig preston is around make sure he doesn't take credit for my towns namesake, ok.. cuz he will)

I'm a raging fktard, but I have my negative qualities too. i'm the director for the griskus tri's 23 yrs running  a sprint  on a weekday NIGHT?  yep. wed, July 9th(sells out too, go figure) and an olympic on a Sat morning in June.. 20th, the day before fauthers day. because that's "our" day. 8 years runniung.

Other than that, I have no redeeming qualities. I barely get by, in fact i'm surprised I wake up in the head hurts, I have to stop typing now.

but you guys ROCK ON, k? love ya lots,


(hey craig.. shut up... in advance)

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