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The following program is designed for the triathlete on or off season. The program consists of 14 exercises and emphasizes lifting lighter weights with higher reps. However, 15 reps is not necessarily considered "high." Furthermore, you will be adding weight throughout the program to challenge yourself, so lifting "light" is relative. For each exercise, you will complete 2 sets of 15 repetitions. Ideally, you would want to lift three times per week. However, twice a week is perfectly fine, especially during the triathlon season (usually April thru November). The program consists of photo illustrations to help demonstrate each exercise. 

For triathletes, there is a real need to develop our strength to help prevent injury and to further enhance our endurance. However, we are also faced with the fear of gaining weight in the form of muscle mass. By emphasizing lighter weights and more repetitions you will be adding strength (and some muscle mass) and burning more fat creating a lean body. Initially, START OUT WITH VERY LITTLE WEIGHT! That's right! We are not here to compete against the body builders in our gym. Leave your ego behind. The key is to maintain proper form when lifting. Too much weight causes us to "throw" the weights in our favor. By lifting light, you can control your motion and maintain proper form. If lifting weights is new to you, find someone qualified, such as a personal trainer, to walk you through the exercises to make sure you are performing them correctly. Once you feel comfortable, than you can progress on your own.

Finally, BE CAREFUL! TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THE EXERCISES. Injuries are very real in the weight room and are usually the result of carelessness and/or lifting too much weight. Do not race through your routine and KEEP THINGS LIGHT!

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