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Upright Row
Works (1) deltoids and (2) upper trapezius

This exercise can be performed with a bar or dumbbells. You can either use a 15 lb. curl bar, the 45 lb.. Olympic bar or the necessary dumbbells. I prefer the dumbbells. But a curl bar will work well too. If you use a curl bar, and you add weight, make sure to secure the weights safely to the bar. Also, be careful on the upright row. Do not rush these. I have experienced some shoulder pain in the past, so make sure to choose a light weight when starting out and take your time. Remember, correct form is key. 

1) Choose a weight that is comfortable. Start out with your arms in front of you, holding the dumbbells at your thighs. Keep your knees slightly flexed. 
2) With your knuckles facing down, lift the weight to just below your chin. Your elbows should be pointed outward as you lift and at eye level. Keep your wrist flexible. If you develop any shoulder pain, do not raise the dumbbells too high.
3) Lift on a two count, lower the weights on a four count.


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