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Tricep Pushdown
Works the triceps

When performing the Tricep Pushdown, your form is very important. This exercise can be performed on a machine or with dumbbells. When using the machine, use the rope attachment with two handles on the end. The rope will allow you more of "pull-through" motion simulating a swim stroke. When facing the machine, stand with your feet either side by side or one step in front of the other. In either case, lean forward just a bit to allow unabstructed movement of the bar. KEEP YOUR ELBOWS by your side and do not move them during the exercise. If using dumbbells, you will be performing this kneeling with one knee on a flat bench.

Face the machine. Grip the rope taking the bottom of the rope in either hand. Keep your elbows bent just past 90 degrees (see top photo).
2) Keep your elbows by your side during the full range of motion.
3) Push the weight down on a two second count and let it rise on a four count. Let your arms come up just past 90 degrees before pushing down again.

1) Working the left arm first, place the dumbbell in your left hand.
2) Choose a light weight that you can work with. Form is very important. As you improve, you can add weight.
3) Place your right knee on the bench, left leg flat on the ground, knee slightly bent (see photo below). Lean forward on the bench using your right hand for support. Your back should be as flat as possible.
4) Hold the weight in your left hand, bend the elbow 90 degrees so your upper arm is parallel with your body and your lower arm is facing down.
5) Keep your upper arm level and steady, push the lower arm back until it is level with the upper arm. Do this on a two count. Then lower the arm back towards the ground on a four count.
6) DO NOT SWING YOUR ARM. Often times, we tend to get into a rhythm and start swinging our arm backwards and forward. This is cheating! And could lead to injury.
7) After completing your reps, repeat the same steps with the right arm.


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