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Supinated Bicep Curl
Works the biceps

You will including this exercise along with the regular bicep curl. Sit on a flat bench with your back upright. You will not be doing these leaning back. Make sure to choose a light weight to insure proper form. You will be alternating arms on this exercise so take your time. The tendency will be to hurry through these. However, maintain a slow, steady pace for optimal physical benefits. 

You will doing this exercise on a flat bench, sitting upright. 
2) Choose a weight light enough to insure proper form and optimal physical benefit.
3) Start with one arm down by your side, the other in the "up" position. You will be alternation these. While bringing one arm up, you will be lowering the other arm.
4) Do not get into a "swinging" rhythm. Keep your back straight and your arms steady.
5) One repetition equals the upward and downward movement of both arms.


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