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Side Lateral Raises
Works the medial deltoids

When performing this exercise, start out with little or no weight. Its a touch one, and a good one! I start out with 3 lbs in each hand. Do these correctly and take your time. These are designed to help build your shoulders so be careful and work slowly. 

1) Start out with dumbbells in hand, sitting on the bench. Face a mirror so you can make sure your form is correct. 
2) Hang your arms by your side, fists turned inwards. Keep your arms steady and firm.
3) Lift your arms wide, keeping your arms steady until the weights are even with your shoulder. Your arms should be extended outwards, fist should be facing down towards the ground. 
4) At this point, rotate your arms inward until your fists are pointed upwards toward the ceiling. 
5) Bring your arms together above your head similar to a jumping jack.
6) Lower the arms back to the wide position. Rotate arms so your fists are pointed down. Then lower your arms to your side. 
7) The entire movement represents one repetition.


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