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Leg Extension
Works the quads or quadriceps

In many cases, certain parts of our body are not balanced regarding muscles strength. And I refer to our legs and arms. We tend to favor our good arm or leg when lifting weights. The best way to overcome this is working each separately until both are equal in strength. If possible, use a leg extension machine that allows single leg lifts. Otherwise, using both is perfectly fine. 
IMPORTANT: If you feel any pain in your knee at all, STOP and seek advice from a qualified person in your gym. Again, another reason to avoid lifting heavy weights. 

1) Sit comfortably in the seat. Make sure your legs naturally bend at the end of the seat and your back is flush to the back of the seat. If not, make the necessary adjustments. Some machines will have a seat adjustment, others will have an extra pad to place behind the back. 
2) Placing your legs in the appropriate position (either double or single leg machines) and lift with a 2 second count, lowering your legs to a four second count.  Do not lock your knees  when your leg is fully extended. Keep a slight bend in the knee.



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