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Lat Pulldowns
Works the (1)Lats (latisimus Dorsi) (2) Rhomboids and (3) Trapezious Muscles

Lat pulldowns have changed over the years. In the past, the lat pulldown was performed by pulling the bar behind the head to the shoulders. However, it was found that biomechanically, this was not a natural movement and could cause injury to the shoulder area as well as excess strain on the upper spine and neck. You can gain the same benefits by performing the lat pulldown in front of the head.

1) Start out with a light weight. Remember, we are working on form and technique.
2) Be seated, facing the machine and adjust the seat and roller (the part of the machine that fits over the top of your quads.) Make sure the roller is snug but comfortable. (photo 1). Now, stand up and grab the lat bar in a manner that is comfortable to you. For smaller individuals the handles on the bar may be too wide. Find that comfort zone before beginning. Make sure both arms are equal distance from the ends for maximum balance.
3) Now, sit back down while holding the lat bar, arms extended making sure you are in a secure position (photo 2)
4) Once seated, and upon pulling the weight down, you will slightly backwards pulling the lat bar to the top of the chest, between the collar bone and the chest area (photo 4). Pay attention and be careful. Never have the bar in a position underneath your chin. Lean back far enough for the lat bar to clear you face.
5) Pull down for a 2 second count and let the the arms up for a four count.

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