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Inclined Press
Works upper Pectorals and Anterior Deltoids

The inclined press can be performed with either a bar or set of dumbells. If you use a standard bar, it will weight 45 pounds. I prefer the dumbbells. I suggest using the dumbbells for two reasons: 1) It will allow you to start at a lower, more comfortable weight and 2) You will develop your muscles evenly. Remember, choose a light weight.

1) When performing the inclined press, choose a weight that is light and comfortable.
2) Sit on an incline bench with incline below 45 degrees or a little higher than half way. Sit back on the bench. Do not lift your head.
3) Lift the weights to above your shoulders, arms extended. Do not lock your elbows.
4) Lower the weights on a four count and raise them on a two count.



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