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Bicep Curls
Works the biceps

The Bicep Curls will be performed on an inclined, seated bench. In fact, you can use the same bench as you did for the Inclined Press. The purpose of sitting while doing the curls is to keep you from cheating yourself. Many folks will perform the bicep curl standing up. Once they fatigue, they tend to rock their body, thus using the body to help lift or "throw" the weights up. This serves little purpose. By sitting at an incline, your back is flat, your arms hang free and you can really concentrate on the bicep with both range of motions. Remember, choose a weight light enough to get you through the entire set without cheating.

1) While seated, lower the arms so they hang naturally. Holding the dumbbells, make sure each arm is turned so the fist and underside of the arm facing forward.
2) Keeping your elbows steady. Lift the dumbbells evenly on a two count and lower them on a four count.
3) Remember, it is important to keep your elbows in place. If you have to, press your elbows against your side so they do not move as you life the weight. That is also why its a good idea to choose a weight light enough to perform the exercise correctly. Maintaining proper "form" is essential.

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