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There are a variety of Ab exercises that many of us perform in the gym or at home. My first recommendation would be the crunch. And there a number of videos, shows on television, etc. that show how to perform the crunch properly. I will leave the ab work up to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never pull on your head or neck when lifting. You only need to lift as high as it takes to lift your shoulders off the ground. When lifting, lift with your abs, not your arms pulling on your head. 

1) Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the ground.
2) Place your hands behind your head, barely touching your head. The hands are used for support only.
3) Lift with your abs and bring the shoulders just off the ground.
4) When lifting, look towards the ceiling and point your chin towards the ceiling or place a tennis ball under your chin when lifting. The key is to keep the head steady.
5) Remember, DO NOT bend your neck, or pull on your head with your hands. The hands are their to help support the head when you lift.
There are a variety of crunches you can perform and many of you may have a series of crunches you already perform. Whatever the exercise, always remember...DO NOT PULL ON YOUR HEAD OR NECK WHEN SITTING UP.

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